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Getting Your Child Ready For Prep

The beginning of each year is a time of angst for many parents as they prepare their children to start Prep at school. When I sent my first child to school, I was nervous that they would not be able to cope with being away from me every day. However, I had spent most of the prior school holidays readying them for this new educational challenge, and I want to share my preparation tips with you. From getting them used to a daily routine to starting them on the road to learning the alphabet, there are many things you can do at home to get your child ready for school life.


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3 Guidelines to Help You Learn the Quadratic Formula

Students may feel as though math is an impossible puzzle to solve. They may be counting down the minutes until lunch while the teachers marvel at the elegance and simplicity of an equation. However, connecting mathematical tasks and everyday living for students is one of the fun parts of teaching math. A great spot to discuss adding tools to the equation-solving toolbox and using equations to model real-world structures and events is with quadratics. Read More 

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Thanks to early media exposure, rough-and-tumble types of playing are increasingly becoming common among children in early learning centres. However, rough-and-tumble playing can lead to fights and affect relationships among children if not conducted appropriately. Notably, some early learning centres discourage all form of rough contact. While it might seem like a good idea, it is crucial to understand that rough-and-tumble (R&T) playing has a significant role in a child's development. Read More 

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If you are thinking about learning how to drive, you will want to do everything you can to maximise the chance that you will pass your test the first time. If you take your test and fail, you may feel additional pressure during your next attempt, so it is always best to aim for excellent on your first attempt. Below is a guide which will help you to develop the correct mindset and approach so you can increase the chance that you will pass your driving test the first time you take it. Read More