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Getting Your Child Ready For Prep

The beginning of each year is a time of angst for many parents as they prepare their children to start Prep at school. When I sent my first child to school, I was nervous that they would not be able to cope with being away from me every day. However, I had spent most of the prior school holidays readying them for this new educational challenge, and I want to share my preparation tips with you. From getting them used to a daily routine to starting them on the road to learning the alphabet, there are many things you can do at home to get your child ready for school life.


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Why corporate sponsorship is good for your business

Have you considered how corporate sponsorship could be beneficial to your business? When thinking about corporate sponsorship or corporate donation opportunities it is sometimes too easy to see just the money going out of your account and to reject the idea of sponsorship as something that simply reduces your company finances without obvious return. The truth is that while you may not see an immediate financial return on the investment there are many real and tangible benefits that can accrue to your company when you invest in corporate sponsorship. Here are three reasons that you should consider corporate sponsorship today.

An opportunity to keep your brand in the public eye 

As a company that relies on the public buying your products or services visibility is key to the financial health of your business. Many people probably already know who you are, but the market is crowded, and you still need to be seen so that people remember your name and come to you when they want to purchase. Advertising is the traditional way to maintain visibility, but that isn't always as effective as it could be. People are surrounded by advertisements all of the time and tend to screen them out almost subconsciously. Corporate sponsorship is an opportunity to get your company brand associated with a cause such as a literacy program where your customers will view your brand in a positive light and will, therefore, come to view your company in a positive way as well. Positive thoughts about your company encourage them to come to you for purchases instead of your competition. 

An opportunity to increase your reach

Not everyone who connects with your chosen charity or cause is going to be familiar with your brand. For those who do know who you are corporate sponsorship keeps your name in their mind, for those who don't know you it offers that first vital introduction that could lead to them becoming long-term customers and potentially spending a lot of money with your business.

Enjoy increased media coverage

Corporate sponsorship doesn't just have to mean getting your company name printed at the back of a printed brochure. Your charity will no doubt be seeking to promote their activities widely, and as a sponsor, that means your company name will also be enjoying increased exposure. Your name could appear on printed materials, but it could also be on their website and their social media channels as well, the more popular their posts prove to be the more new people will be introduced to your company. When you embrace corporate sponsorship, you help your business connect with both existing and new customers and generate positive feelings for your company that will still be producing results long into the future.