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The beginning of each year is a time of angst for many parents as they prepare their children to start Prep at school. When I sent my first child to school, I was nervous that they would not be able to cope with being away from me every day. However, I had spent most of the prior school holidays readying them for this new educational challenge, and I want to share my preparation tips with you. From getting them used to a daily routine to starting them on the road to learning the alphabet, there are many things you can do at home to get your child ready for school life.


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3-Year-Old Long Daycare: Reasons to Consider It for Your Kid

It is vital to prepare your child for a smooth transition into school by enrolling them in a child care facility. When this time comes, you'll have to decide which type of daycare you'll enrol your child into from the various options available. One option that many Australian parents are adopting today is long daycare.

Long daycare offers the same play-based learning as other pre-school programs but is open for longer hours. There are several benefits of choosing 3-year-old long daycare for your kid, including:

Maintaining a Strong Family Bond

If you have more than one child who needs to enrol in childcare, it will be nice to have them in the same location. With long daycare, you can achieve this and help your children feel more comfortable. The kids will also feel assured knowing their sibling is close to them. Additionally, it will reduce the headache of picking up every child from a different location.

Offering Flexible Hours

Long daycare is the most suitable option for busy parents for various reasons. One is that these establishments remain open for up to 12 hours a day throughout the week. As such, you can choose hours that are more realistic for you and your working schedule. Secondly, long daycare centres stay open for more weeks a year, often offering convenience during school holidays. 

Thirdly, you don't have a specified drop-off or pick-up time, so you don't need to worry about changes in your work schedule. Though long daycare establishments may be open from Monday to Friday, it is best to only take your child in when necessary.

Promoting the Development of Close Friendships

The best thing about child care is that it creates the best opportunity for your kid to develop bonds with like-minded kids. Keep in mind that socialisation is important for your child to learn vital social skills, like patience, respect and sharing. These skills will prove helpful when the little one finally joins school. Since long daycare centres follow a standard routine and allow your kid to be surrounded by familiar friends, they create a relaxed space for them to learn and develop socially. 

Long daycare offers great benefits to you and your child, as seen above. Therefore, you should consider finding a suitable long daycare centre for your kid. When searching for the facility, ensure you find one with a good reputation that offers a comfortable and peaceful environment. That way, you are sure that the little one will acquire all the necessary cognitive and social abilities.