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The beginning of each year is a time of angst for many parents as they prepare their children to start Prep at school. When I sent my first child to school, I was nervous that they would not be able to cope with being away from me every day. However, I had spent most of the prior school holidays readying them for this new educational challenge, and I want to share my preparation tips with you. From getting them used to a daily routine to starting them on the road to learning the alphabet, there are many things you can do at home to get your child ready for school life.


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Steps You May Not Expect During an HR Truck Licence Certification

If you are considering training for your HR truck licence certification, then there are certain things you should prepare for. You likely already know there will be a written test as well as a road test. What you may not know about are the other steps that go along with getting with this particular truck licence. Before you sign up for the next certification course in your area, consider the following steps and what you need to know about each one.

Identification and Certification Documents

One of the first things you will be asked is to provide identification and certification documents when you enrol in the HR truck licence training. The identification paperwork generally consists of items like your birth certificate and photo identification. This can also include a passport if you have one available. In some cases, you may be required to fill out identification paperwork as well that lists your photo identification number and other information. The certification documents will pertain to previous driving certifications you have. These must be up to date and show your current status.

Eye Exam

In many certification programs for HR truck licences, you will need to submit to an eye exam. This is done by one of the school's certified optometrists. You will also need to have up-to-date contacts or eyeglasses. If you do not have one of these, you can save time by going to your own optometrist and having this done. This will allow you to submit the current exam along with proof of updated prescription, if applicable. Keep in mind, you may be limited on what type of eye issues you can have depending on the school and their guidelines. If you are uncertain if you meet the guidelines, contact the school to find out their specific criteria.

Medical Clearance

Some schools will require you to have medical clearance. This is to ensure that you do not have issues that could complicate your driving. If you do have a medical issue, this is the time to let the school know. Most illnesses will likely not cause an issue. However, there are some that you may have to have specific clearance from your doctor for in order to have them waived by the school for your permit and training.

These are just a few of the HR truck licence certification steps that you may be asked to take. If you aren't sure that you are ready for these steps, consider having a physical done to determine if you meet the basic medical qualifications. If you are concerned about paperwork and documentation, make sure that you ask the school ahead of time what they require so that you can be prepared with the right documents.